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      WHCM star team program conference was held successfully 2014-06-24

      In order to improve workshop management and team-build, WHCM held a star team program initial conference in Jun.24th,2014. Our Chairman Mr.Dong, General manager Mr.Wang, Deputy General manger Mrs.Zhang, Consultants Mr.Jiang and Mr.Shen (from Chongqing New Easy Way Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.) and all team leaders joined this meeting. This meeting was held by Mrs.Zhang.

      The star team program policy is: Lean manufacturing, Continuous innovation, open & inclusive, value sharing. The slogan is: consciousness changing, challenging yourself. First welding workshop Automatic welding team leader Mr.Liang and the first workshop deputy director Mr.Li made speeches during the meeting to show their determinations on this workshop management revolution.




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