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      勇創一流 勇爭新高

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      Congratulations to WHCM being rated as the key high and n…

      National Torch Plan is a mentoring program aiming to improve national high and new technology industry, which was approved by government and implemente…

      2014-10-31 MORE
      Warmly welcome Germany Andritz Group to visit our company Purchasing dept. Professors from Germany Andritz Group visited our company in Mar.6~7th,2013. They visited our tertiary plant and special material devi… 2013-03-07
      Warmly welcome Mr. Elmar Weber (Germany Achenbach Company) to visit our company As per the preliminary agreement, Mr.Elmar Weber (Germany Achenbach Company) visited our company in May.8th,2013. Mr.Weber had visited our tertiary pla… 2013-05-08
      The Release Conference of “Innovation Exploration” sponsored by our company was held … The Release Conference of “Innovation Exploration” host by China Petroleum and chemical association (CPCA) and sponsored by our company was held in B… 2013-04-09
      Warmly welcome TCC vice president to visit our company TCC vice-president & TCC Yaolong Chairman Mr.Zhou and TCC purchasing Dept. Ministry Mr.Sun had visited our company in Sep.16th,2013. Both sides had… 2013-09-16

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